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  • Route planning for cars

    Gives a travelling route between two points, with the possibility to add detour points.
  • Traffic information ( DATEX-format)

    Contains publications for road weather data, travel times, webcamera and road traffic data.
  • Road weather data

    The publication contains meteorological measurements from road weather stations along the national - and county road network. All road weather stations are co-located with CCTV...
  • National Road Database

    Information about roads (public, private, and forest roads), and equipment and events related to roads, such as accidents, amount of traffic, road signs, lights, avanlanches,...
  • Road network and regulations in NVDB

    This publication covers all static data about the road network of Norway such as road reference, hight restrictions, road width, bridges and tunnels. In addition it covers...
  • Static traffic information in NVDB

    This publication contains datasets covering static and variable message signs, toll boths, road markings and regulations, diversion routes etc.
  • Mobility services in NVDB

    This publication contains datasets covering ferry, sidewalks, public transport hubs, picnic and services areas, bicycle parking areas, etc
  • Road traffic information

    The publication contains information about situations occurred on the road network in Norway in addition to measures taken. This can e.g. be information about road works, road...
  • Travel times

    The travel time publication contains information about travel times between to defined measure points. The publication is updated every 5 seconds and covers the main roads...
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